We are always looking for potential investments across all industries, so please feel free to send us your information. Please make sure to read and send everything listed below so we can conduct thorough do (not due!) diligence and follow up thoughtfully:

  • Make sure to attach your deck, one pager, links to press and any other information you think is useful.

  • Please do not use a template (copy/paste) email - make it personalized!

  • #Humblebrag to us and let us know why you're the best and we'd be fools to pass!

  • You are not a deal but a potential partner, so let us know how we can be "smart money" for you.

  • Introductions from mutual friends are highly recommended (not required) so please feel free to CC them or ask them to make an intro.

  • We do not invest in SAFEs/notes (debt), only priced rounds of preferred equity <$10M valuation.

  • We do not invest in Fintech, Bio/Healthtech startups - not our expertise.

  • We usually invest $25k-$100k and can move very fast.

  • If we don't respond, please follow up once.

You can email Trace Cohen at t@nyvp.com with the subject "Invest opp - company name."